Dante - Goods and Bads

 photo by Dante - Goods and Bads GmbH

photo by Dante - Goods and Bads GmbH


Producer | Germany

Dante – Goods and Bads was formed in 2011 by German artist Aylin Langreuter and industrial designer Christophe de la Fontaine from Luxembourg, who share a profound love for the material world and for all its pathos and beauty.
The label, based in Germany, creates objects, products, limited editions and unique pieces with associative qualities: emotions, habits, memories or the good and the bad. For each collection Dante chooses an inspirational theme and invites a guest: this can be a writer, filmmaker, bartender, even a child, in short anyone who attracts Dante’s curiosity and will add to the project the non-designer’s view of the material world.

Dante aims beyond usability, innovation and efficiency: design has to trigger a vital, connecting spark, giving things a special significance, creating talismans. A product has to be emotional, emerging of some kind of dialogue, even using unlikely material attributes such as humour, vanity, passion and comfort.

For the exhibition SELECTED 2018 – Out of the Frame Dante is represented by Christophe de la Fontaine and Stefan Diez.



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