photo by RSW

photo by RSW


Label | Germany

Sven Rudolph, Carsten Schelling and Ralf Webermann started their collaboration in 2005 under the name DING3000, after having worked for renowned design studios such as Vogt & Weizenegger and Marcel Wanders.
RSW, Rudolph Schelling Webermann, is an award-winning product design and innovation consultancy based in Hannover. It combines research, strategy, design and as the RSW states, magic, to create substantial innovations for its clients.
RSW designs furniture, lighting and home accessories with strong and innovative concepts and an intriguing and humorous approach. It has proved its versatility by creating such diverse projects as progressive surgery equipment as well as the critically acclaimed Concept 1865 bike for BASF, the German chemical company.

Their products are exhibited in the permanent collections of several museums.

Llano  for Pulpo, 2017 photo by Pulpo

Llano for Pulpo, 2017
photo by Pulpo

Stefanie Hödlmoser