Pluma Cubic

photo by Jan Per Sonntag

photo by Jan Per Sonntag


Label | Germany

Heike Buchfelder founded the label Pluma Cubic in 2005. She studied architecture at the University of the Arts Berlin and at the Oslo School of Architecture. Today her design collection is distributed internationally.
The label specializes in lamps that have a timeless elegance clearly defined by their sculptural form. The lighting objects combine the simplicity of minimalism with extravagant luxuriance.

The lamps are manufactured in Berlin, being covered with carefully selected long goose quill and colourful rooster feathers which are attached by hand to a cloth-covered steel lampshade. The production process is thoroughly supervised. Due to a feather’s natural flexibility and self-cleaning and dirt-repellent properties (known as the lotus effect), the products have astonishing longevity and hold their beauty for many years.

Clients and exhibits include museums, restaurants and hotels, notably the Lufthansa VIP lounge at Munich airport, Moss Gallery, New York, Marta-Herford Museum, Herford, and the Metropolitan Design Center, Buenos Aires.

Luna Nova , 2017 photo by Christoph Sagel

Luna Nova, 2017
photo by Christoph Sagel

Luna Crescente , 2017 photo by Peter Wagner

Luna Crescente, 2017
photo by Peter Wagner

Stefanie Hödlmoser