photo by Oddness

photo by Oddness


Label | The Netherlands

Studio Oddness is a design label recently founded by Adrianus Kundert and Thomas van der Sman at the Design Academy in Eindhoven. The duo met during a ceramic workshop. Their mutual fascination for the amorphous and odd patterns led to the creation of the Bubblegraphy Collection, which was presented during Dutch Design Week in 2015.
The combination of material and shape is the base of their work. Their work process starts with pushing the boundaries of the material and thus finding its specific quality. If possible this characteristic is combined to a production technique. The focus is on the process as well as on the outcome. They describe their work as the random odd: they cannot fully control the design process, thus it can take a random turn. Yet the final finishing is decided and done by the designer, and not the sole result of the process.

The Bubblegraphy series became the start of their studio Oddness although they also work as independent designers.


Bubblegraphy , 2016 photo by Adrianus Kundert

Bubblegraphy, 2016
photo by Adrianus Kundert

Stefanie Hödlmoser