Meike Harde

photo by Cecilia Aretz

photo by Cecilia Aretz


Designer | Germany

Meike Harde founded her design studio in 2013, after graduating in product design from HBK Saar, the Saar College for Fine Arts in Saarbrücken, Germany. In her work, Meike Harde consciously questions and reinterprets common production techniques. The results can be seen in fruntirue, lighting and textiles with a constructive and at the same time poetic touch. “An ornament should also serve a purpose”, states Harde and makes common materials appear in new contexts, shapes overcoming established forms.

The Cologne based designer has won several awards including the A&W new talent award in 2013, the Design Report Award, Special Mention in 2015, the 1st Prize of the Roche Bobois Award in storage furniture. In 2018 she was nominated for the Passagen Design Preis. Meike Harde teaches at HBK Saar and works for renowned labels such as Pulpo, Bolia, Roche Bobois and Bershka, to name a few.


Potpourri  for Pulpo, 2017 photo by Pulpo

Potpourri for Pulpo, 2017
photo by Pulpo

Stefanie Hödlmoser