Marija Puipaitė

 photo by Marija Puipaitė

photo by Marija Puipaitė


Designer | Lithuania

For Marija Puipaitė physicality is irrenouncable. Being a materialist, she always relates to embodiment and likes her works to be tangibly sensed. Her work is her statement, objects are her voice. She listens to their stories and evolves them further. The human body becomes a natural starting point for her design, always looking for given phenomena translating them into her work. Whether it is furniture or jewellery, they always possess an intimate and organic connection with their user. In product design her interest lies within the materials of ceramics, glass and jewellery.

Marija Puipaitė has a Bachelor in Design from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts and graduated with a Masters’ Degree in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2014. She lives and works in Vilnius, also designing for Lithuanian brands Šiaurė and House of Naīve as well as London based design collective Form&Seek.


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