photo by Lennart Lauren

photo by Lennart Lauren


Label | Netherlands

Ll’atelier is a design company founded by the Leerdam brothers. The studio of Lennart and Lauren, who both studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven, is based in the city of Deventer. Being one of the oldest towns in the Netherlands, Deventer is famous for its industrial success. Hence, most of their work has been derived from existing techniques, materials and industrial processes where they always questioned the current use. They pay close attention to the details in existing processes, observing their impact on the final outcome. They aim to create objects that strengthen the value of the approach used in the process.
Their company is mainly focused on product design and small production of own initiated work but they also collaborate with other designers, architects and manufactures. The fine line for them is to always find balance between origin and an innovative way of observing things.


  Paperthin , 2017 photo by Lennart Lauren Leerdam

Paperthin, 2017
photo by Lennart Lauren Leerdam

Stefanie Hödlmoser