Liga Studio

  photo by Liga Studio/ENSCI Les Ateliers

photo by Liga Studio/ENSCI Les Ateliers


Label | France and The Netherlands

Liga Studio has been freshly founded by Pierre Alexandre Cesbron, a student of ENSCI-Les Atéliers in Paris and Matthieu Muller of Design Academy Eindhoven and works between France and the Netherlands. The duo met during a semester at ENSCI-Les Ateliers Paris. Under the supervision by Jean François Dingjian of Normal Studio they elaborated a collection of storage furniture called LIGA.
Matthieu and Pierre-Alexandre thus decided to carry on working in the same mindset: they aim to create simple, poetic and functional objects.

Thanks to their recent international visibility they were invited to take part in the London Design Fair 2017 for their very first exhibition and launch their studio on the international stage. Beside their respective studies they are currently working on new editions of objects under the name of LIGA STUDIO.



See more about the products here after the exhibition opening.

Stefanie Hödlmoser