photo by Elisabeth Grebe

photo by Elisabeth Grebe


Label | Austria

Langackerhäusl, built in 1885, is the name of an old farmhouse in Kollerschlag, a small municipality in Upper Austria. What's more, it is the name of the label, chosen by Edward Richardson and Ralf Stauss, who have turned this house into the headquarters of their design studio, moving to the remote Austrian countryside from the metropoles of Los Angeles and Paris.

With backgrounds in costume design, tailoring, graphic design and visual styling, the two-man team produces a great variety of functional and decorative art. Stauss and Richardson design and construct each and every piece themselves, continually striving to emphasize the strength, beauty and versatility of their medium: paper!


  Säulen-Uhr , 2017 photo by Elisabeth Grebe

Säulen-Uhr, 2017
photo by Elisabeth Grebe

Stefanie Hödlmoser