Julien Manaira

 photo by Julien Manaira

photo by Julien Manaira


Designer | The Netherlands

French designer Julien Manaira (1992) studied industrial design at La Martinière in Lyon and fine arts with a specialisation in product design at ESAD (École Supérieure d'Art et de Design) in Reims.
After his studies he moved to Amsterdam and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Materialisation in Art and Design at the Sandberg Institute in 2017. The Once Liquid Plastic, which he presented as his graduation project was awarded by the RADO star prize 2017 and exhibited at the Paris Design Week in the same year. The project was also presented at IMM Cologne 2018, where it won the 3rd prize of the Pure Talent Contest.
Since March 2018 Julien Manaira runs his own design studio at newly opened ISO (www.isoamsterdam.nl) in Amsterdam.

  The once liquid plastic , 2017 photo by Julien Manaira

The once liquid plastic, 2017
photo by Julien Manaira

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