photo by Imperfettolab

photo by Imperfettolab


Label | Italy

Verter Turroni was born in Cesena in 1965. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Ravenna in 1989. In 1992 he founded Il Laboratorio dell'Imperfetto, a laboratory which deals with sculpture, painting and design. His work in design has brought him to realise projects ranging from furniture to accessories in a harmonious fusion of art and everyday life. Through an intuitive research he invents, experiments, creates a multiform and visionary collection, pursuing a beauty which loves contamination, eludes aesthetic canons, goes beyond the boundaries between art and craftsmanship, between nature and artifice.
His independent and self-produced design, distributed with the brand Imperfettolab. The company, which he runs with Emanuela Ravelli, is involved in prestigious projects developed and realised by the most famous international architects and displayed at important exhibitions.

  Bioma , 2016 all photos by Imperfettolab

Bioma, 2016
all photos by Imperfettolab

  Ombra , 2016

Ombra, 2016

  Plateau , 2018 +  Lei , 2017

Plateau, 2018 + Lei, 2017

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