Handvärk / Emil Thorup

 photo by Sara Toft Jessen

photo by Sara Toft Jessen


Label | Denmark

Handvärk founder, 34-year-old autodidact designer and architect Emil Thorup has always had a profound passion for aesthetics and design. Handvärk was launched in 2015 and received great attention from both the press and the international design community. Emil Thorup’s Scandinavian minimalism rendered in a dark universe of leather, marble and brass was featured more than 50 times across eight countries within the company’s first six weeks.

The Handvärk way is described by Thorup as following:
“Aesthetic sustainability is key to all of our products. In an effort to create furniture that will last a lifetime, we have taken no shortcuts. We work with genuine marble, brass and aniline leather – materials that will only become more beautiful over time. These materials are worked with care and dedication to embody the simplicity and applicability of our design. Design that above all stays true to the Nordic DNA that imbues Handvärk.”


  Lounge Chair  by  Emil Thorup , 2016 all photos by Handvärk

Lounge Chair by Emil Thorup, 2016
all photos by Handvärk

  Studio Lamp  by  Laura Bilde , 2016

Studio Lamp by Laura Bilde, 2016

  Daybed  by  Emil Thorup , 2016

Daybed by Emil Thorup, 2016

Stefanie Hödlmoser