photo by Form&Seek

 photo by Form&Seek


Producer | UK

Form&Seek is an international design collective founded by Bilge Nur Saltik, Golnar Roshan and Ruben de la Rive Box. The designers met in London and launched the collective in 2013 as a platform to present the work of a variety of designers. Their interests lie in both the functional and poetic appeal of design. The collective believes that objects have the power to communicate meaningful messages and new ways of looking at the world. By placing its work within the familiar framework of everyday life, Form&Seek aims to innovate and provoke discussion.

For the last four years the collective has been gathering some of the greatest design talents of its generation and created a platform to show their work together in international design exhibitions. Form&Seek started with a small show presenting nine designers from nine different countries and has now expanded the collective to over 80 designers from 25 different nations.

At the exhibition SELECTED 2018 – Out of the Frame Form&Seek is represented by Bilge Nur Saltik, Meng Hsun Wu and Marija Puipaitė.


Stefanie Hödlmoser