photo by  Gabriella Lundgren

photo by Gabriella Lundgren


Producer | Sweden

Fogia, based in Stockholm is one of the leading furniture brands. From its beginning back in 1981 the brand has collaborated with some of the most recognised designers in Scandinavia. The pieces are crafted from the ground up in the brand’s own factory by fusing fine craftsmanship and contemporary technology.

Fogia's head Marcus Huber believes that design is the sum of three key components: quality, emotion and good craftsmanship. Blending intelligent material selection with impeccable crafting skills will result in quality. Emotion is a little trickier though. To evoke feelings is special, yet intangible. A sensation that may grow stronger through time. Fogia manufactures its furniture with attention to every detail, using the high quality experience, technology and skills of its own factory. This diligence is distilled into furniture and accessories, creating lasting pieces of design.

At the exhibition SELECTED 2018 – Out of the Frame Fogia is represented by Andreas Engesvik, Diiis Studio and Norm Architects.


Stefanie Hödlmoser