photo by Anitta Behrendt

photo by Anitta Behrendt


Label | Denmark

Elkeland, that is Ida Elke, works as an independent studio in the woods of the Danish countryside. Here Ida Elke creates singular and limited editions of furniture and forms handmade objects. In order to avoid the worn out terms of language in design and art, she refers to herself as an “author of furniture”. With a background within contemporary arts, she takes our expectations of furniture and home items and reflects them in a context where function becomes a media for the aesthetic experience. Function thus becomes the category which defines the space for us to act within. In her work she constantly challenges this space with unconventional choices creating unexpected visual and tactile perceptions.


  Woven Mirrors , 2016 photo by Benita Marcussen

Woven Mirrors, 2016
photo by Benita Marcussen

Stefanie Hödlmoser