Diiis Designstudio

 photo by Diiis Studio

photo by Diiis Studio


Label | Switzerland

The Diiis Designstudio was founded in Basel, Switzerland by Susanne Roser and Martina Staub in 2015. The duo develops, visualizes and realizes product ideas from design research to marketable products. During the design process they particularly focus on the balance between functionality, simplicity and aesthetics. Thereby the objects speak for themselves, using a clear and distinct design vocabulary and displaying a passion for details. They excel by singularity and well-chosen materiality. Once obtained they become personal, favourite items. Diiis Designstudio is a nominee for the German Design Award 2018. At SELECTED 2018 Diiis presents pieces designed for the label Fogia.




See more about the products here after the exhibition opening.

Stefanie Hödlmoser