with courtesy of Passonia

with courtesy of Passonia


Label | Italy

Sonia Passoni is convinced that the importance of things and their aesthetical dignity may be hidden anywhere, in living-rooms as well as in forlorn cellars, in tidy wardrobes as well as in waste. For her everything is plastic and dynamic life. The exclusive creations she designs – such as tables, vases, living-room chairs – outline an unmistakeable style, a personal choice. The shape, the movement and the hues of ‘poor’ materials come back to life and lead to the abstraction in the original sense of the objects. Each of her pieces comes from a silent life which tells its story. By adding a new chapter and giving these objects a new texture Passonia brings them into a new life.

Sonia Passoni’s work has been widely acknowledged by critics and media. In June 2013, she participated in “Overplay”, a collateral event at the 55th International Art Exhibition, Venice’s La Biennale, housed at Palazzo Albrizzi.


Vasi Cemento , 2018 photo by Riccardo Modena

Vasi Cemento, 2018
photo by Riccardo Modena

Stefanie Hödlmoser