Concetta Giannangeli

 photo by Marco Valentinsig

photo by Marco Valentinsig


Designer | Italy

Architect and designer Concetta Giannangeli creates objects which she enlivens with her experience as a cultural-educational designer. The designing process lets her study the different stages of development, understanding the creative expression as a general approach to the creation and production of beauty. Besides, Giannangeli experiments with artisan techniques and new technology, combining both into new methods. Therefor making a new object becomes an opportunity to practice and to produce new, surprising results arising from preceding interrelations.

Concetta Giannangeli has worked for Gregotti Associati International, Guido Canali Architetto, Prada, Villa Manin Centro d’Arte Contemporanea, Modidi and Creare Sostenibile, to name a few. She is currently the head of Moroso’s creative team and prototyping department.

  Jardin Suspendu  for Moroso, 2016 photo by Sandro Paderni

Jardin Suspendu for Moroso, 2016
photo by Sandro Paderni

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