Stefan Diez / Diez Office

  photo by Dante - Goods and Bads

photo by Dante - Goods and Bads


Designer | Germany

Following his family tradition by training as a cabinetmaker, Stefan Diez went on to study industrial design under Richard Sapper at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. After returning to Munich to work with Konstantin Grcic, he founded his own studio in 2002. Diez Office serves as the ideal platform for his unique combination of hands-on experimentation and technical know-how. Led by curiosity and supported by a network of local craftsmen and specialists, it is dedicated to transforming ideas into actual products with great diligence and proficiency.

Together with his team, Stefan Diez has been exploring a broad spectrum of design, creating award-winning furniture, tableware and accessories, in collaboration with internationally renowned manufacturers like e15, emu, Hay, Rosenthal, Thonet, Vibia, Wagner and Wilkhahn. In 2017 the MAKK, the Museum of Applied Art in Cologne, showcased the exhibition “Full House: Design by Stefan Diez”, presenting an overview of Diez’ work.


See more about the products here after the exhibition opening.

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