Bilge Nur Saltik

 photo by Bilge Nur Saltik

photo by Bilge Nur Saltik


Designer | UK and Turkey

Studio Bilge Nur Saltik is the London and Istanbul based design studio of industrial product designer Bilge Nur Saltik. Turkish-born Nur’s practice was established in 2013, shortly after receiving her Master’s Degree in Product Design from the Royal College of Art in London.

Bilge Nur Saltik's intent is to incorporate culture with contemporary design. Pairing the old with the new, she works with traditional craftsmen. Combining their age-old techniques and knowledge, she introduces them to new materials and fabrication processes. This intersection produces unexpected results and never-seen-before products.
Nur seeks to engage and activate viewers and users constantly. With products and projects spanning across multiple design disciplines and mediums, she moulds timeless materials such as glass, ceramic, stone, wood and fabric into new life.

Bilge Nur Saltik is also co-founder of the London based international design collective Form&Seek.


See more about the products here after the exhibition opening.

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